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Web Design, web development
Year: 2023
Technology: Wordpress
Categories: Web Design, SEO


Nexsourcing, a renowned company that specializes in Outsourcing and Offshoring, had a critical requirement for a landing page that stood out. The page was designed to display two contact forms, one for companies and another for recruits. The copywriting and keywording techniques used were spot on and optimized to perfection to ensure maximum discoverability.

The showcase highlighted the comprehensive facilities that Nexsourcing operated in, along with their innovative and inclusive work culture. Furthermore, the exhibit provided intricate details about their scheduling and operational modalities.


After a few tweaks, the Nexsourcing website was online and ready to receive applications. Validations on the forms were implemented to prevent spam and unsolicited contacts.

Nexsourcing was analytics were configured to their company’s marketing accounts for GA4 and SEO Optimizations. Further Updates are still on the table under commission.